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Advocacy& Legal Office
Konfindustria through Advocacy& Legal Office offers a large range of services for businesses of different topics facing Administrative, Civil, Trade Courts cases in and out of Albania, including the International Courts.
a.       Advocacy service and legal representation of businesses interests for and at court system in Albania and Kosovo
 b.       Legal Registration of local & foreign entities/businesses in Albania and Kosovo
c.       Registration & Protection of local and foreign companies’ patents and trademarks
 d.       Providing fresh capital and business projects financing by hedge funds, capital markets, commercial & investment banks, international financing organisation, etc.
 e.       Legal and finance services for Due diligence projects, joint venture, merger acquisition, foreign investments, etc.
 f.        Business fiscal legislation consulting for the companies
 g.       Capital markets listing
 h.       Company Annual Balance Sheet preparing and submissions to the respective government authorities in Albania and Kosovo
i.         Business Plan preparation for the companies   


+ Data 2020-12-11
International Forum: Vjosa River Basin Region (Albania, Greece) Sustainable Development Strategy Initiative.
+ Data 2020-01-07
Illicit&Money Laundering versus Albanian Business. Konfindustria' s Action Plan 2020-2022 of real economy presence, impact and tackling of


Market of Ideas
Friends, we invite you to join our conversation! Theme of the day: How do you value the EU initiative for the creation of the Regional Market of the Western Balkan countries. Regional Market Facing Albania-Kosovo National Market. Send us you opinion:

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