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Photo Gallery

The presentation of AMICO Project, 18 October 2010

International Forum of "Technology & Environment", 3 May 2010

International Fair of "Technology, Energy and Environment" 2010

Expoforum "New ways of financing strategic projects" June 29, 2015

International Fair of "Technology and Quality", 2009

"Monitoring the effectiveness of administrative courts in the first year of work. 28 July 2015

Cooperation Agreement with the State Supreme Audit of the Republic of Albania 25 February 2016

"Monitoring the effectiveness of administrative courts in the second working year. 13 july 2016

Albanian Power Exhange, 31 January 2017

International Forum for Sustainable Development of Vjosa Region, 13 October 2017

International Forum "Kosovo- an Energy Opportunity", 8 November 2009

Smart forum promotes Italian digital industry to Albania, 21 november 2015

Smart Balkans Forum, 31 January 2018

"Administrative Reform, from the Business Perspective" July 9, 2014

TITIF 2012

"Made in Albania" Fair, 20-23 June 2008
Market of Ideas
Friends, we invite you to join our conversation! Theme of the day: How do you value the EU initiative for the creation of the Regional Market of the Western Balkan countries. Regional Market Facing Albania-Kosovo National Market. Send us you opinion: